Charlotte Russe

Hey everyone! Hope you all are doing well. I heard through the grapevine that Charlotte Russe was Finally releasing a plus size line. While at the mall last Sunday, I stopped by to see if my local mall was carrying the line. Fortunately, I was in luck!  From looking at the pieces on the rack, my interest was heightened. I didn’t want to get overly excited because I didn’t know if the line was women’s plus or junior plus. The styles and fits were quite pleasing.

Here are several pieces that I tried! 
This cute lil number is adorable! I bought it because I know that it can be styled for many occasions. 
Hip hugging! This dress clinged to my body so nicely. It is sheer towards the bottom which is great for catching breezes.  Who said that short girls can’t wear maxi dresses? I bought this dress in a 2x. 

I’m here for the skirt. I can dress it up and down. Not feeling the texture/material of the shirt. I bought the skirt in a 3x. 

The fit of this doesn’t suit my body but I like the concept. 

My chest is too much for this shirt. 

I like the skirt but my tummy was a bit more exposed. 

By far, this was my favorite piece. It certainly appeals to the flower child, carefree spirit within me. You know that I bought this. 
I bought a cute long t shirt/ dress and a Ton of cover ups. There are so many items that I didn’t have time to try on!!! Definitely gives me another reason to go back. Overall I’d give the line a 9.5 out of 10. I wish that more of the pieces that are online were in store as well. My experience was awesome. I didn’t feel like a whale. Most interestingly, the prices are slightly cheaper that other places . More bang for your buck! 
My goal for 2015 is to become comfortable with my body. I don’t want to hide my curves. I don’t want to be fearful of my flaws. More, More, More! More self love. More skin. More meeting new people. More new experiences. More romance. I don’t know what’s in store for this year but I am certainly excited! 
Let me know how you liked the line! Show me some photos of what you bought! 
What do you want to do more of in 2015. Can’t wait to hear from you. 
Until next time,

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My name is Nora. I am a 30 year old Nashville native. By day, I am a #corporaterebel in the Talent Acquisition and Human Resources Industry, In my spare time, I am a plus-size blogger, Youtuber, and social media influencer. On my platform, I discuss beauty, fashion, faith, lifestyle, and everything that I encounter and experience as a young black woman who is building her empire. In my free time, you can catch me playing Sims, binging Netflix and Hulu, enjoying a bottle of sweet wine, enjoying #foodie life, getting my beauty rest, or out styling and profiling.

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