Mother Daughter Bonding

Good Evening everyone! Hope you all have had a relaxing weekend. Monday is creeping up on us so quickly. This weekend was quite chill. As a cancer, I’ve been known for being outgoing and personable. The flip side to my cancer nature is the need to retreat, have alone time. Balance is key. This weekend was strictly for friends and family. 

Maribel got her masters in accounting from Belmont University on Friday! I am proud of her accomplishments. Also, I am proud of the woman she has become! We’ve been friends since the 6th grade. We’ve watched each other blossom. Friday night, she had a Frozen themed graduation party. After the party, we, including a few of her Belmont friends, hit up Acme downtown. 

We had a great time! 

I wore this dress from Target that I got last weekend. Normally the 2x’s in target’s regular line don’t fit me well. Prints and patterns are my favorite. The halter style coupled with the pattern enticed me to try this dress. I’m glad that I did! 

On Saturday, I spent most of my day at Budget Brakes. Ebony’s brake light came on and then went off. While she has some issues that need attention, her brakes are functioning properly. Afterwards, I met up with Jessica to catch up. 

I like to sneak pictures of her but she always catches me! 

Maribel had a movie night at her apartment. We consumed Jell-O shots , candy, shush kabobs, and roasted potatoes. We watched Clueless and Pitch Perfect. I enjoy personal time and bonding with new people. The movie night allowed me to bond more with Maribel’s friends. 
Yesterday, my mom asked me to take her to Opry Mills Mall. She had a gift card to Dressbarn that she wanted to use. Diue to my crammed schedule on Saturday, I promised that I’d take her today. 
We don’t always get along so I’m always hesitant to spend alone time with her. We stopped in Torrid to see what goodies were in stock. She had never been to Torrid before our visit today. We have different body shapes and styles, so I was worried that this would cause conflict. 
My mom had her hair cut and dyed in an extremely bold style! I wasn’t feeling it at first but the look has since grown on me. If she likes it, then I like it.
My mom has body image issues. She had to have a c- section when she gave birth to me. Plus, she has an apple shape, so her stomach is more pronounced. She tries to purchasing clothing that covers her “problem areas”, she often states. She is a mother in her church. Most of the other mothers are older. Her style tends to be heavily mother of the bride-Ish. Time and time again, I have tried to get her to take fashion risks. Her hair cut was a major leap in that direction. 

Simplicity is the best! I decided to wear my light wash jeans from Avenue plus with my tank from Lane Bryant. These jeans hug my curves so nicely! 

My mom stepped outside of her comfort zone with this maxi dress. She felt pretty in the dress. She liked the way her body looked. This size 2x dress was on sale for 30 something. Because she is petite plus, she’ll have to get the dress hemmed to fit her frame 

Mom can style this dress so many different ways! 

Also, she tried on these ankle length skinny jeans in a size 20. The bottoms have zipper accents. The top is lined at the bottom with lace. This look added youth to her. 

I tried on a few things while I was in Torrid. If you can’t tell by now, Torrid is one of my favorite stores.

 This skirt gave me a Greek goddess feel. The shirt added a biker, grunge edge to this hip hugging skirt. 

I prefer this look with the tank tucked in. 

*cues When I First Saw You* from The Dream Girls soundtrack. When I saw this dress, I knew that I had to have it! 

I am curvy. I have a petite hourglass shape. Many socially accepted and enforced fashion rules tell fat women to steer clear of bold patterns and prints-stripes are at the top of the “Do NOT wear list. Patterns and prints both separate and mixed make me happy! This dress was $60 but I got it in s 3 x. 

Next, I tried on a shirt that I saw on one of the mannequins. The off the shoulder style is so flirty and feminine! 

There were only two of the shirts left in store, the 1x on the mannequin. Renee, the customer service rep who assisted my mother and me, found the shirt in the back of the store in a size 2x. Typically I wear a 3x at Torrid but on rare  occasions,2x items fit me. 

The other reps got a kick out of watching me try on the clothes. Most of the items were fresh in stock so they hadn’t had the chance to try the clothes on themselves. 

In the clearance section, I found this cute black swim suit cover up that had a jeweled neckline. I’m going to wear black undergarments under it and rock it as a after 5, evening piece. 

Here are some more pictures of my mom and I from our excursion. 

We don’t always get along. Our journey has been quite rough to say the least. Still, I love my mom. I do the best that I can to make her happy. 

In all, I had a nice weekend! Can’t wait to see what excitement this week brings! 
Let me know how you like the styles we tried! 
Have a good week! 
Until next time, 

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My name is Nora. I am a 30 year old Nashville native. By day, I am a #corporaterebel in the Talent Acquisition and Human Resources Industry, In my spare time, I am a plus-size blogger, Youtuber, and social media influencer. On my platform, I discuss beauty, fashion, faith, lifestyle, and everything that I encounter and experience as a young black woman who is building her empire. In my free time, you can catch me playing Sims, binging Netflix and Hulu, enjoying a bottle of sweet wine, enjoying #foodie life, getting my beauty rest, or out styling and profiling.

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