Rihanna’s Anti Tour

Hey Everyone! Hope you all are doing well! I am on a high after seeing Rihanna on Friday! Honey, my life has been MADE! I love her. She is so true to herself. She doesn’t try to be anything or anyone other than Rihanna. We spend so much of our lives trying to change, whether its changing into who others want us to be or who we feel we should be. Her appeal is often deemed as rebellious because it so rare that an artist isn’t kept on a puppet string, dangling and jigging to maintain public support. She is the ultimate fashionista. She’s edgy yet soft and feminine. As someone who has struggled and still struggles with self esteem, I enjoy her “middle finger to the sky”, “I am who I am” attitude. She is unapologetically herself. 
The concert was held at the Bridgestone Arena in Downtown Nashville. I will let you in on a secret. I am terribly afraid of heights. Maribel did a great job finding good seats for us. As my mom states, you must show up and show out when you step out. I wanted to look concert fine yet comfortable. 
Here’s what I dawned:

Shirt/Skirt: 3x- Forever 21+, Jean Jacket: Cato Fashions- 22/24, Boots: Payless
I am trying to become more comfortable with body hugging pieces. Typically, I am highly hesitant when purchasing online from Forever 21 due to the junior plus sizing. This time, every piece that I purchased fit perfectly!

Yes to red light selfies!
Sammy and Jose, Maribel’s brothers, joined us for the concert. I enjoyed sharing the concert experience with them! We had fun!

How cute is this picture of Maribel and Sammy!

Travis Scott was the opening act for the Anti Tour. Antidote is my jam!

I purchased my first concert memorabilia. I liked the camouflage on the arms. Fortunately, I could fit the XL in this shirt. Only two shirts came in XXL+ and this one was not included. I wanted to get something that I would actually wear.                     

I feel like I’ve wasted my life by not going to concerts sooner. Also, Rihanna sounded nice live. She isn’t known for being an amazing vocalist but I was pleasantly surprised.

What concerts are you dying to see? Have you been to any concerts that you disliked?
Drop a comment below! I would love to read about your experiences.

Until next time,

Here are videos from the concert:

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