Lose To Win

Happy almost Friday everyone! I hope you all are doing well! It’s been a while since I have posted. I’ve been bogged down with personal issues and the weight of life. I hope to get more posts out as often as I can. Bear with me please. I have received tons of compliments on a curly wig that I purchased a few weeks ago. Many have commented on how “classy” the wig is. My style is classic but has flare. I like to experiment as well. Here are a few things that I tried.

I liked the style of this wig. The color scared me yet was extremely enticing, so I tried it on. Maybe a red or black would have looked better.

Natural is my thing, even when dawning protective styles. Kinky, coarse, textured hair attracted me quickly. This is the Big Beautiful Whilrly hair by Outre in the lace front style. Honesly, i was a bit disappointed because it lacked volume.Fingering our the curls may help with creating volume. It’s a  style that truly complimented me but I need more POW!

This baby was a show stopper. Everyone kept complimenting me in the store while I was rocking this wig.

This wig was cute as well.

I am in love with this feisty short cut. I can do without the purple and green colors but its definitely a fun style.

Bobs have been on my brain lately. Anthony Cuts has me suffering from bob fever. I didn’t like how unnatural the hair line is. The shape, cut, and color are nice.

I felt like a hot young thang in this wig. It made me dance. It’s a half wig from Outre. I will get it soon.
Here’s the winner! Adele in a color 1b/30!

While wearing Adele (this wig) I have received so many compliments on how classy and regal I looked.

During this wig search session. a lady came in looking for a wig. She had her hair styled in a cute, angled two-toned blonde, and brown bob. Her significant other accompanied her through her search. She tried on the blue wig that I have in the first photo along with a host of other styles and colors. She was diagnosed with cancer recently and cut for chemo. She was in high spirits as we conversed back and forth about how natural this wig looked. I go wig shopping for two reasons: I am bored and want to spruce up my look, or I am going through the fire and need to distract myself. On this occasion, what I was dealing with didn’t matter. It was nice to bond with a stranger over something that we seem so minute or frivolous to others. We were able to acknowledge each others basic humanity.  Fantasia summed my feelings up best, ” Sometimes you’ve got to lose, to win.” This woman has such a bright smile and easy spirit. She was having a difficult time finding the right wig to dawn. She wanted on that resembled the hair that she was losing. After trying on several pieces, she found one that she kind of liked. We tried to find the blonde- brown, two- toned color online and in store but were unsuccessful. She thanked me for my efforts, and I left. We are all fighting battles. Some big and some small. We lose sometimes and we win others yet a lesson, a new strength is gained from every experience. She is losing her hair, but she is closer to winning her battle, her fight against cancer. In life, in the workplace, and in our personal relationships, we constantly encounter situations that test our faith. From her, I realized that my minor setbacks, the struggles and the failures, should not steal my joy. In the midst of a storm, the battles ( specifically my losses) will not take my courage to continue to fight. Who knew that such a big life lesson could come from wig shopping!

Tell me which wigs you liked. How do you regroup after feeling defeated?

Until next time,

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My name is Nora. I am a 30 year old Nashville native. By day, I am a #corporaterebel in the Talent Acquisition and Human Resources Industry, In my spare time, I am a plus-size blogger, Youtuber, and social media influencer. On my platform, I discuss beauty, fashion, faith, lifestyle, and everything that I encounter and experience as a young black woman who is building her empire. In my free time, you can catch me playing Sims, binging Netflix and Hulu, enjoying a bottle of sweet wine, enjoying #foodie life, getting my beauty rest, or out styling and profiling.

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