Off Day

God is good! The end of the week is neigh!! I hope you all have made it through! My plans for this evening revolved around watching the season premiere of Braxton Family Values. A few Thursdays ago, Beyoncé was scheduled to preform at Nissan Stadium here in Nashville, TN. Unfortunately the concert was postponed. Before knowing of the concert’s cancellation, I took the following day off from work.

Window shopping is one of my favorite pastimes. That Friday, I spent the morning relaxing and the evening making new friends. 
First stop of the day was clothes mentor: 

My shade game is hot! I’m always on the search for sunglasses that display my personality well. I enjoy wearing odd shapes and styles. These two glasses caught my attention but I settled for the bottom pair. 

Jesus be a stretchy fabric! These pants looked so nice on the rack. Unfortunately they hugged every roll and flab on my lower extremities. 

Initially,I was searching for a cute statement outfit to wear out with Maribel and her coworkers. My wardrobe is large. Still I am plagued with urges to expand due to being bored with the items that I currently own. My go to store, Cato, was next on my visit list. 
Here’s what I tried: 

I tried this on several times in multiple sizes and it was entirely too small! I really had my heart set on this dress. It was on sale for $5.99!! 

This sheath dress is perfect for the summer. You can wear this to church, or to the beach. I am plus petite. The dress was too long for me, sadly. 

Plaid is always in. This shirt actually fit me really nicely. Simply, I could not convince myself to buy it. I wish that I had bought it. 

The pants are dope! Festival ready! I may go back an get it. I’m working on saving my coins. Because of that, I am hesitant to just purchase everything that I like. 

How cute is this sheer blouse? 

This top would be cute for work and play. 

These crazy, totally different patterns can be rocked together if style properly. Play with your clothes. Tuck and untuck shirts.  

How cute is this dress? I will go bald and get it. It has been haunting my mind! 

Yes, I tried this on again. The print, colors, and arm slits captivate me but something about the execution loses me.

Here are pieces that caught my attention on my way out of the store: 

Look, I need a second job!

At Sears, I found these cute denim skirts on sale for $20 bucks. They said 3x but I was skeptical. 

Ehh, no! This skirt did me no justice! Back to the rack it went! Sears is hit or miss with me.

Ironically, I ended up wearing a jumpsuit from Cato’s and a cover up from Avenue Plus to hang with Maribel’s coworkers. 

Here’s a picture of the skyline that night from the parking lot of Limelight.

In a later post, I will delve into my feelings about the Beyoncé rescheduling fiasco.

How do you typically celebrate a day off? Which pieces did you like the most? Which ones did you like the least? Drop a comment below, please! 
Until next time, 

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My name is Nora. I am a 30 year old Nashville native. By day, I am a #corporaterebel in the Talent Acquisition and Human Resources Industry, In my spare time, I am a plus-size blogger, Youtuber, and social media influencer. On my platform, I discuss beauty, fashion, faith, lifestyle, and everything that I encounter and experience as a young black woman who is building her empire. In my free time, you can catch me playing Sims, binging Netflix and Hulu, enjoying a bottle of sweet wine, enjoying #foodie life, getting my beauty rest, or out styling and profiling.

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