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How are you all doing? Summer time has finally arrived! Summer is inarguably my favorite season for a variety of reasons. The weather is nice. What’s not to love about soaking up the summer sun and enjoying breezy summer nights? There are always so many awesome activities and events happening around the city. People tend to gather, mingle, and socialize. Cancer season is in full effect. You can tell that it’s Summer just by the changes in the beats in the songs on the radio. Summer music always gives me dance hall, free, intimate vibes.

As I reflect on my experiences during year 26, I decided that I want to be more intentional with making my needs and desires a priority. This year is truly about Nora and my development. Everything is personal. I can no longer afford to doubt God. I can no longer invest in situations and people who mean me no good. You get one life to live, and I do not want to spend it, people pleasing and insecure. Many of my goals and plans for year 27 are a continuation of plans I made at the beginning of the new year. Vision Board parties are always popular around the new year, as people seek to actualize or manifest the goals and plans that they have. Like many, I enjoy jotting down notes, and journaling so that I can reflect as I grow. In the same vain, I will use my space here, as a vision board to detail 27 goals, plans, wishes and desires that I want to accomplish during my 27th year of life. For my birthdays upcoming, I will post my goals for that year of life.

Spiritual/ Faith/ Health/ Personal

  1. Strengthen my relationship with God.
  2. Develop an unwavering faith and trust in God’s ability to lead, guide, protect and provide for me.
  3. Recognize what my purpose is. Figure out how God plans to use me and utilize the talents/gifts he gave me.
  4. Get more comfortable singing on the praise team at church. Sing with conviction. Sing for God, let God use me, and not get stuck in my ego.
  5. Hear the spirit, listen to God, strengthen my understanding of God, the word. With this, I hope to develop discernment and trust my intuition.
  6. My parents have been experiencing so many health issues that are quality of life related. I plan to decrease my soda and sugar intake, along with increasing my exercise.
  7. My teeth have always been a source of insecurity and shame for me. Being ashamed of my teeth has significantly impacted my perspective on my worth and value. I plan to dedicate time this year to my oral health. I will reclaim my smile and my joy.
  8. Stop spending time at tables that do not serve me. Recognize my power, my value, and my worth. Only entertain people and situations that seek to cultivate and encourage me. This is true for all aspects of my life: friendship, romance, work
  9. Set clear boundaries, enforce the boundaries.
  10. Invest more time and energy into the woman I want to be, honoring God, honoring the spirit in me.
  11. Travel more- see more of the world, vacation more.
  12. Put all of myself into the work I produce and the activities in which I partake.
  13. Maintain a clean environment- car and home. When life is chaotic, my car and home catch hell. I want to ensure that I maintain a clean, decluttered space.
  14. Spend more quality time with the people that I love. Engage my friends and family more.
  15. Have fun. Enjoy life more. Laugh more.

Financial/ Planning For the Future/ Business

  1. Get my financial house in order- paying off debt, making arrangements with lenders, working to rebuild my credit score.
  2. Rebuilding my retirement fund
  3. Learning more about investing- beginning to invest my money
  4. Rebuilding my savings account- ensuring that I have a rainy day fund.
  5. Find a career, where I am passionate about the work that I do, and enjoy my work environment. Moving in a direction to where my business (Youtube/ Social Media/ Blogging/ Style/ Music) becomes my main source of income.
  6. Generate income that allows me to cover all of my expenses comfortably while having surplus to help my parents, invest in my business (blog, networking, music, branding, YouTube etc.) and invest in my church.
  7. Start my Youtube channel- produce content consistently
  8. Develop/ Strengthen/ Rebuild and Rebrand my blog and social media presence – have platforms that attract an audience and generate content that will inspire and change lives.
  9. Post consistently, increase my consistency, increase my audience, viewership
  10. Cultivate on-going, long lasting relationships with brands.
  11. Establish a defined work-life balance.


  1. Start strong and finish school strong- I will maintain a 3.0 gpa or higher in my MBA program at Trevecca.

My birthday was on June 24th. At 27, my body can not handle the party nights the way it could in my early 20s. Instead of the shots and sweaty clubs, I opted for an evening of hibachi with my friends at Ninki. The staff was very pleasant and went out of their way to ensure that my dinner was enjoyable. In search of something that said “all eyes on me, #bigfine but also elegant lady at the same time, I decided to dawn this lovely Versace -eqsue dress from Rainbow Shops. Many people sleep on Rainbow and consider it “ghetto”. Please keep sleeping on them, so that they have more clothes for me! I looooooooooooooove Rainbow. They carry plus sizes, the styles are trendy, the pieces are flattering and the price is right! I am a millennial. I live in the Nashville- Madison area, and the cost of living is outrageous. Rainbow allows me to invest in fun, pieces without missing a bill payment. This dress is a size 3x and was $19.99. My lime green earrings new from Rainbow’s as well.

My coral matte lipstick is from Rainbow Shops as well. It was on sale for $1.99.

My excitement about year 27 is through the roof! I am expecting great things. Great life, great love, great friendships, great faith, great grades, great finances, great business, great success, great progress, great experiences, and a fantastic me.

I will keep you all posted as I accomplish my goals. Honestly, I am interested to see how many I achieve by my 28th birthday. Also, I am looking forward to setting new goals for next year.

What are your goals for the rest of this year?How many of your goals from the top of the year have you already accomplished? Drop a comment below!

Until next time,


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My name is Nora. I am a 30 year old Nashville native. By day, I am a #corporaterebel in the Talent Acquisition and Human Resources Industry, In my spare time, I am a plus-size blogger, Youtuber, and social media influencer. On my platform, I discuss beauty, fashion, faith, lifestyle, and everything that I encounter and experience as a young black woman who is building her empire. In my free time, you can catch me playing Sims, binging Netflix and Hulu, enjoying a bottle of sweet wine, enjoying #foodie life, getting my beauty rest, or out styling and profiling.

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  1. You are a beautiful soul Nora!!! Always staying so positive and motivational with everything you do.

    Peace, Blessings and coconut oil girl! Lol


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